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Adrien Cousin, from Nice, France, spent four days learning The Lazy Turtles investment method by Inside ALPHA; he shares his opinion on its merits.

Antoine Géliot, from Tournefeuille in France, participated in The Lazy Turtles, Inside ALPHA's four-day investment seminar; he delivers some feedback about it.

Guy Anastaze, from Geneva in Switzerland, explains what encouraged him to join The Lazy Turtles, the investment seminar by Inside ALPHA.

Jean-Christophe Guevara is based in Paris, France. At the end of the four-day Lazy Turtles seminar by Inside ALPHA, he shares his feelings about the investment strategy.

Yann Muffat, a French-speaking investor based in St. Alban, United Kingdom, explains how he feels about The Lazy Turtles investment seminar by Inside ALPHA.

Bertrand Dévervaud is based in Lentigny, Switzerland. At the end of a 4 day seminar called the Lazy Turtles, he shares his reflexions on the investment method.

Memet Ilbeyiilingi, from Onex (Switzerland) tells about his experience with Inside ALPHA and Marc Mayor

Isabelle Mouilleseaux, from the Agora Publications in Paris, gives her views of Marc Mayor's Inside ALPHA investment strategies.

Christophe Jallard, from Geneva, Switzerland, gives his views about Marc Mayor and Inside ALPHA.

Michael Birchard from Lausanne, Switzerland, gives his opinion about Marc Mayor and the services provided by Inside ALPHA.

From March of 2009 until mid-September 2009, thanks to the Lazy Turtles, Inside ALPHA and my own investment decisions, I am delighted to have more than doubled my assets. I am delighted of everything that I could learn with you and with the Interactive Brokers platform”.

Laurent Noirot

Vevey (Switzerland)

"I am very satisfied with this training, because I found what I was looking for: a scientific approach, secure, tested, with a proven reliability and a trainer who is a good listener. We are miles away from obscure advice given by “gurus” which seem to blossom in this sector. In particular, I liked the way risk is avoided, whether it’s about the solidity of companies we’re betting on, the market trend or money management. Finally a method which allows you to act alone, and look at the future with a sense of peace".

Gilles Boulet, head of “Arrondir ses fins de mois” and “Argent & Opportunités” magazines

Margencel, France

A big thank you for your method which is performing very (too) well, compared to the statistics. Since March 12, the date of my first trade, my current profit, after going as high as 9.2%, is about 8% in less than six weeks. Over the first six weeks, 73% of the trades are profitable, and the worst trade lost me 1%”.

Vincent Tornare

Grand-Charmont, France

For your information: after three months of Lazy Turtle trading, our annualized performance is 22%! We have gotten this result thanks to the wisdom of your method”.

Alain Cousin (see above for a video testimonial, given three months earlier)

Nice, France

In less than one month, I made 29% in paper profits; I have a single losing trade, out of seven total”.


Jean-Baptiste Roy

Bordeaux, France

"I have slowly started with the method, risking litte, only between 100 and 200 dollars per position. All transactions are making money, after just a few days I am up 30% to 60%, depending on the transaction. Thanks”.

Paolo Antinozzi
Poissy, France

I want to tell you how satisfied I am: my first month as a Lazy Turtle closed in a very pleasant manner. I ask you not to disclose my name and performance. However, the annualized profits are spectacular. Allow me to say: Mayor, you’re the boss!

Name withheld

Mallorca, Spain

I cashed wonderful coupons yesterday, thanks in part to [name of company withheld] which generates 13.46% in 3 months, or 65.69% annualized :-))). Thanks again for your help and bravo to the maestro whose method runs like clockwork. The Lazy Turtles strategy works really well :-) You once said, during the course, that this approach would become boring in the long run. Actually, I find it relaxing”.

Guy Anastaze (see above for a video testimonial, given earlier)

Geneva, Switzerland

I started on March 11. As of June 11, after three months of paper trading, my performance is 31%. I made some mistakes by not being rigorous enough about my choices. On some trades, I made as much as 69%. The system is very efficient and, while it still needs a lot of work and time, it’s worth it. Don’t change anything, you guys are great”.

Gilles Boulay

Margon, France

(Note: this is not a typo. We actually have two unrelated customers, one named Gilles Boulet with the testimonial higher above and this one, named Gilles Boulay).

In the first four months, I am already up 40% in paper trading. Thanks for helping me. I never though I could get that interested, or that passionate, about a topic so remote from my usual centers of interest. The whole adventure is worth it because you learn a lot while still making much more than by leaving it invested in some banking product. Thank you again. P.S.: if you have any other complementary method to teach me, I’m interested”.

Hugues Sachez

St-Cyr l’Ecole, France

I have been following Marc’s recommendations for several years and believe he is one of the most talented stock pickers in the industry. This, coupled with a contrarian mindset and original thinking, make his thoughts an invaluable asset for any money manager. Marc’s track record at identifying emerging companies is impressive. Plus, his research is always written in an entertaining way!"
Juan J. Sartori
President, Union Capital Group

Geneva, Switzerland

Marc has an interesting concept and good trading ideas. His research is thought out well, and his performance is attractive".
Daniel Ghirardi
Head of Sales, Pioneer Investments Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

"Sooner or later, Marc always ends up being right. He has experience, and I trust him".

Rolf Rufener
Zürich, Switzerland

"This is a unique approach. I have applied the same strategy with success to other markets. One of the things I like the most is the quality of the information given, so as to help the reader understand the trade. In addition, I appreciate Marc’s sense of humor".

Hubert Linder

Signy, Switzerland

I made a nice profit in little time. Thanks!"

Magnus E.

Zürich, Switzerland

I have total control over the management of my portfolio. I also like the disciplined and constant timing. I was looking for real performance, something superior to any type of products available on the market".

Mick Cavin-Jones

Divonne, France